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Textbook on Image Processing - Content

V. Miszalok, last update: 2011-06-01


Fundamental Definitions
Image Processing and Other Branches of Computer Science
Two Sources of Digital Images: Cameras and Graphics Cards

Cameras (Under Construction)

Scanning with Multiple Sensors and Non-Directional Light = Photo
Charge-coupled Devices = CCDs
Still Image CCDs
Video CCDs
Scanner and Linear CCDs
Complementary Metal Oxid Semiconductor = CMOS
Three Sensor Layer CMOS = X3

Graphics Cards

8 Bit Graphics Card with LUT
32 Bit Graphics Card with GPU
64/128/256/512 Bit Graphics Card with 8 Buffers
Technical Terms
Chipset GPU and Graphics-Card-GPU
Resolution, Pixels, Aspect
Color Depth, Colors, Bytes, Name
Bandwidth of Video Memory [MegaByte/sec]

Raster Graphics (Under Construction)

Why Raster Graphics ?
The Raster Matrix
Comparison Vector ↔ Raster Graphics

Histogram (Under Construction)

Image Defect: Noise
Image Defect: Shading
Image Defect: Low Contrast
Image Defect: Blurring


Average Filter
Sigma Filter
Fog Filter
Gauss Filter
Median Filter
Digital Cosine Transform Filter

Digital Topology (Under Construction)

The Problem of 8-Connectivity
A Raster Consists of Cells of 0, 1, 2 and 3 Dimensions
The Old Freeman-Code: Popular but Wrong

Crack Code (Under Construction)

Chain Code = Crack Code
The Chain Code Algorithm
The Algorithm at the Image Border
Finding a Start Point
The Matrix of vertical Cracks and the Label Matrix
Inner- and Outer Borders
Circumference, Area, Center of Gravity, Bounding Box

Raster to Vector Conversion (Under Construction)

Direct 1:1-Conversion of Cracks to Polygons
Approximation of Straight Lines
Interpolation of a Polygon by a Polynom
Approximation of a Polygon by a Bézier-Curve

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